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Hi:Health is global medical ecosystem based on artificial language for complex personalized diagnostics of the human organism in real time. Using the data of medical examinations of a large number of patients, as well as health monitoring gadgets, we train artificial intelligence to conduct early diagnosis of various diseases and to find the previously uncovered cause-effect relationships between the functioning of the systems andorgans of the body and the occurrence of diseases.

AI will be able to analyze slightest deviations, which human can’t notice, and to get more accurate survey results (such as, electrocardiogram) as a result of their cleaning from the noise generated by the instruments. Also, with the help of AI, it will be possible to check the effectiveness of treatment in realtime and correct the doctor's prescriptions. Primarily, Hi:Health will work with early detection of those diseases, increasing of which concerns WHO and other international organizations throughout the world specializing in health issues. These are cardiovascular diseases (including ischemic heart disease and hypertension, which are frequent causes of heart attacks and strokes), asthma. To create a complete diagnostic picture, we will use gadgets and mobile applications to conduct a similar to ECG survey in real-time.To create a complete diagnostic picture, we will use gadgets and mobile applications to conduct a similar ECG survey in real-time.

In addition, we collect data on DNA analysis. This will allow to conduct early diagnosis of potential parents, including their compatibility, undertake more detailed planning towards pregnancy, recognizing the possibility of manifesting genetic and hereditary diseases not during intrauterine diagnosis, but at the stage of preparation for conception. In order to verify users, to provide medical secrecy, secure storage of data, transfer of information between the doctor and the patient, and for testing the authenticity of diagnostic gadgets, will be used Blockchain – Ethereum.

The HIH token is the Ethereum-token, which can be accepted as a mean of payment when paying for medical services, medical equipment (gadgets) connected to HI:Health ecosystem. And also earn tokens on your PERSONAL HEALTH. All users of the HI: Health ecosystem are obliged to
accept the HIH token when calculating for any medical

Start: 1 August 2018


Soft Cap: 3240000$

Hard Cap: 8400000.00$


USD: 0.30


Rule: Utility

Platform : ethereum

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Team 15%
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