Solving the problem of selling tokens to investors in USD without commission

Often, many ICO projects are faced with the issue of selling tokens for Fiat is not a crypto-currency investor. Since such investors are often little familiar with the crypto currency, they do not have an ETH for which they could acquire tokens.

ICO projects solve the problem in several ways.
1. Publish instructions on how to register a purse, how to find an exchanger, and how to buy ETH on a crypto-exchanger
2. Develop a personal account and connect to it processing.

In the first case, the investor gets to a sufficiently large commission of crypto-exchangers, while in 90% of cases they have a minimum amount of exchange from $ 500.

In the second case, the ICO project has to spend from $ 2000 to develop a personal cabinet, as well as pay a commission processing fee per transaction. Plus, these rooms are often very vulnerable.

With the help of the platform, ICO can sell tokens to investors in USD without commission, without connecting processing, developing a personal cabinet and not thinking about justifying the payments received.

How does the platform work when selling tokens in USD:

1. Purchase of tokens is carried out on the platform. When receiving money in USD, the platform converts at the current exchange rate + 10% USD to ETH.
2. After that, sends to the address of the smart counter project (from which the investor buys the tokens) ETH, getting back the tokens from it.
3. Received tokens, the platform sends the investor to the ETH wallet.

Advantages of for ICO project when selling tokens in USD:

1. Free placement on the project. To be able to sell tokens, just send the address of the smart contract to the specified mail
2. There is no need to justify payments, all charges come to ETH.
3. There is no need to manually add tokens to investors.
4. No need to develop personal cabinets. Investors see all their transactions on our platform
5. There is no need to pass KYC, because in this case, the buyer of tokens is our service.

Advantages of the Investor who do not have ETH when using the platform.

1. A single dashboard where he can view all his transactions and undergo a one-time KYC (no need to constantly register in different ICOs and in all pass KYC)
2. Purchase of tokens in USD without commission (no need to buy Ethereum in crypto-exchangers and pay a commission)
3. The possibility of earning 1% of each replenishment of the investors attracted to them.

Yes, we do not go away from the fact that the investor will still have to register the wallet, but agree that it is more convenient to buy everything in one place, and not to think where to exchange USD for ETH.