How to earn real money for participating in the company's bounty.

Today I want to tell you about how to earn USD for participating in the bounty and additionally get tokens projects.

Bounty in ICO is the ability to get some ICO tokens without investing crypto or fiat. ICO give their tokens for certain advertising and information actions (reposts, posts, publications in social networks, etc.) without having to invest their money.


Participation in the bounty program on the platform

To participate you bounty program:

  1.  you need to register on the platform (registration is available under the link: Registration)
  2. Then go to the Bounty program list and select the program that suits you.
  3. Next you need to go to the chosen bounty program and click on the button
  4. After approving your candidacy, you need to fulfill the program condition and attach the report to the platform.
  5. After confirming the fulfilled condition, the ICO project will transfer to your Ethereum purse the tokens of the projects specified in the task.


How to earn USD for participating in the Bounty program on offers an affilate program for its users. Each participant inviting investors to the platform, receives 1% of each purchase of tokens in USD.

For partners we have developed banners in Russian and English. With the banners and detailed terms of the affiliate program you can read the link: Affilate programm for ICO

To attract investors, you just need to leave a link with your refID to the ICO card on the platform (for example, when posting a publication about the project when participating in Bounty). This ID will be written in the browser cookies. If the investor signs up within 30 days from the moment of calling, and replenishes the balance in USD, 1% of his replenishment sum will be credited to your personal account.