Free platform for ICO is a free platform for investors, ICO projects and Bounties, simplifying the obvious tasks for each user of the platform.

Buy Tokens in USD or ETH


Buy tokens of the project you like in any currency. The platform will automatically convert the currency to ETH and send the funds to the smart-contract. After receiving the tokens, the platform will transfer the purchased tokens to your ETH wallet specified in the transaction.

All purchased tokens, as well as transaction statuses, you can see in your account, as well as view all transactions in detail.

One-time passage of KYC for purchased in ETH. Now it is enough to go through the procedure KYC to buy tokens.

Buy Tokens
Bounty Platform


Free participation in bounty companies, as well as notification of the appointment of you as an executor. Tracking the status of participation in bounty companies

Rapid publication of reports on participation in Bounty. Possibility of correspondence with the representative of the ICO project

Affiliate program, where you can attract investors to the project and receive 1% from each replenishment of investors in USD.

Take part in the bounty
ICO Project

ICO Project

The ability to conduct a token in different currencies, without the development of private offices and the connection of third-party processing. To connect currencies, just send a request from the domain of your ICO with the address of the Smart Contract.

The possibility of accepting investments only from investors who have passed the KYC procedure on the platform. Data on investors are sent on request.

Free placement of Bounty companies, with the appointment of performers and viewing reports on them. Possibility of correspondence with the Bounties.

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Simple and clear scheme of work





The investor finds a suitable ICO and presses the button of the suitable currency . Indicates the Ethereum wallet, which must receive tokens and the amount of investment. Replenishes the balance for the specified amount of investments




The platform converts the received amount from the purchase to ETH and sends it to the ICO project smart contract (If the tokens are purchased in ETH, then the transfer goes directly, without the participation of the platform)




The platform receives the received tokens and sends it to the investor purse specified in the Ethereum transaction. In the comment, a transaction link is attached to

Commission and conclusions



to replenish the account, make a transaction on the platform and replenish the account



Bank card

visa Visa, Visa Electron

mastercard MasterCard

maestro Maestro

mir МИР



Payment system

yandex Yandex Money

advcash AdvCash

qiwi QIWI

bitcoint Bitcoin

paypal PayPal



Phone balance

bilain BeeLine

Megafon Megafon

mts MTS




alfa Alfa-Click

Frequently Asked Question


An ICO is a form of attracting investments on mutually beneficial terms in a form of sale to investors of a fixed amount of digital cryptographic currency (tokens).
Blockchain is a distributed database for reliable storage of different information on thousands of computers located all over the world. This system is very innovative because it is impossible to destroy, hack or forge it, and the information recorded in it will stay in its initial form forever.
1. You need to register on the platform
2. Go to the ICO project card from whom you want to buy tokens
3. Click on the button USD
4. Enter the name of the transaction, the Ethereum number of the wallet for transferring tokens, the number of tokens
5. Pay for the purchase
Not more than 48 hours, it all depends on the load of the network Ethereum
List of your transactions in USD you can see in your account by clicking on the link: Deal List
The balance of funds will be added to your balance in your account, from which you can withdraw funds for any convenient option for you (bank card, paypal qiwi, etc.)

ICO Projects

To add a project, you need to register as an ICO project. Registration is available at: add project
You need to write a letter from the domain of your ICO project, to
In the subject line, write "add Smart-contract for "Name you ICO"
In the body of the letter attach the address of the smart contract for the translation of ETH, and a link to your project on the platform
The calculation is taken at the current rate of ETH/USD and BTC/ETH + 10%. The course on the platform is updated several times a day. Recalculation occurs automatically.
List of your transactions in USD you can see in your account by clicking on the link: Deal List
This functionality is currently in development. The preliminary release is scheduled for the end of July. keep for updates


To participate in Bounty companies you need:
1. Register in the system ( link to registration )
2. Select the bounty company and click on the "add offer"
3. If you are selected as the executor of the project, you will receive a notification.
The status of your participation you can see in the personal account in the section "My Bounty"
The report can be published only by performers, for this you need to go to the Bounty Company and click on the link View Result. In the form that opens, you can publish a report.
Unfortunately, we do not regulate the relationship between Bounty and ICO projects, but if there are many such precedents for the ICO project, we remove it from the platform
Tokens sends the ICO project directly to you, on that Ethereum wallet, which is listed in your profile.
You can take part in an affiliate program to attract investors to the platform. With each USD replenishment of the attracted investor, you will receive 1%. Learn More


New: Altcoin Market

Altcoin Market

Altcoin Market - store for selling tokens, ETH and BTC for USD without passing KYC / AML.

How does the ICO project token purchase work in Altcoin Market 

When buying Altcoin, the platform converts the received USD to ETH. Then sends ETH to the address of the smart contract of the purchased tokens. After receiving the tokens - sends them to your Ethereum wallet. The conversion fee and GAS are already included in the cost of altcoyin.

More details on the list of ICO projects, the course and the procedure for buying, you can read the link:

Plans for development for July

  • Implementation of a free service for keeping Bounty Programs
  • Realization of KYC passage for investors / Bounties
  • Implementation of the functionality of selling tokens in different currencies, while the ICO project will receive funds in ETH

update 03/07/2018


  • Added token price in ETH
  • Token Price in USD is calculated automatically (the price is added to the price of the service)
  • Removed the commission for withdrawal of payments in USD (commission included in the purchase of the token in USD)
  • Added the Smart Contract Address field
  • Added a calculator for calculating received tokens when investing in ETH
  • Minor design fixes